If you took the best parts of Marie Kondo, your favorite therapist, and your best friend, you'd get Rebecca Sunde. I had worked with personal organizers before but never had I seen results -- both internal and external -- until I worked with Rebecca. Each session was incredibly productive, and as I saw my space physically change I noticed that I too felt calmer, more comfortable and genuinely able to enjoy downtime in my apartment. Best of all, the systems Rebecca set up for my family are still standing, even several months after we wrapped, and have inspired self-directed home-editing projects that bring me lots of joy. Thank you!

— Zoë B., Hell’s Kitchen, NYC

I can’t thank you enough for giving me a second chance at learning the life skills that are immensely improving the quality of my life (and those around me!). The effects are immediate: getting dressed to go out in record time or calmly finding a matching pair of socks in the morning (to name a few of the many, many examples).

— Joyce R., Upper West Side, NYC


I just wanted to say thank you SO much for helping me get things in order these past couple weeks. Even after the few hours we spent working together I feel so much more prepared (to welcome baby #2). Your ideas really helped me to get things together more efficiently even on my own time.

— Emily S., Upper West Side, NYC

Rebecca was able to turn what I considered random fantasy wishes into a clear, concise plan for organizing my home and office.

She has helped me tame my overstuffed computer, endless piles of paper and frustration at never being able to find things I knew to save. Each step of the way, she offered suggestions, listened to my needs and concerns, and empowered me to create an organizing system that is truly my own. She was able to intuit how this system needed to be structured so that it works for me.

Working with Rebecca, you get exactly what you need and want. The bonus is you get this while spending time with one of the most compassionate, intelligent, thoughtful and charming persons, ever. We laugh a lot and accomplish even more.

— Anne Marie K., Upper West Side, NYC

I and my clothes closet equaled despair. It was stuffed with stuff, but I still had nothing to wear. Then you stepped in, like a magical clothes fairy, and I now have a wardrobe that I can actually wear and love. You made the process fun and affirming. Thank you so much for your kindness and expertise.

— Linda S., Morningside Heights, NYC

Rebecca has an uncanny knack for making serenity and beauty arise out of chaos. She is also an utter delight to work with—patient, respectful, and warm. I have worked with her for the past seven years on a number of very different projects. She has brought order and a sense of miraculously expanded space to my over-stuffed studio apartment. She has helped me redecorate my country home stunningly without buying anything new. She has also organized and maintained thousands of different kinds of computer files for a complex research project I’m working on.

I secretly think Rebecca has super-powers, because she can walk into a room and see possibilities in the space and its contents that no one else can. Wherever she has worked her magic is more beautiful and restorative. As a result of working with her, I’ve internalized powerful principles for organizing my own spaces and work responsibilities. I plan to work with her for years to come. I recommend her with unbounded enthusiasm!

— Victoria J., Morningside Heights, NYC


Working with you was so helpful and easy! Your system made my home look flawless, and guests compliment me on it. You gave clear advice and offered choices that helped the decision making process. I never felt pressured to do something I didn’t feel comfortable with. You have an excellent eye for placement and use of subtle space options. My house felt so much more like *my* home—very comfortable and welcoming after your help.

— Elizabeth S., Michigan